NAJA supports Muscogee (Creek) Nation bill reinstating free press for Mvskoke Media

MCN National Council Committee to vote on NCA 18-184 Dec. 6

The Native American Journalists Association supports Muscogee (Creek) National Council bill NCA 18-184, which would restore free press to Mvskoke Media. The new law would also reseat the former editorial board. A move toward the reinstatement of an independent media would allow for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to better serve its citizens, allowing them to be informed on tribal policy that directly affects their lives.

The Business, Finance and Justice Committee will vote on NCA 18-184 on Thursday, Dec. 6. If the bill passes at the committee level, it will then move to the full council for a majority vote during the regular session on Saturday, Dec. 15.

NAJA commends the representatives supporting this bill as those standing on the right side of history. MCN National Council Second Speaker David Hill is the sponsor of the bill, with Reps. Randall Hicks, Robert Hufft, Travis Scott, Thomasene Yahola-Osborn and Patrick Freeman Jr., listed as co-sponsors.

Indigenous journalism plays a critical role in supporting tribal sovereignty and self-determination. From holding the powerful accountable to disseminating stories of cultural significance, a free and independent Indigenous press supports the goals of tribal nations by providing an open public forum for community voices.

NAJA and its partners will be watching Thursday’s vote closely and we look forward to the hopeful outcome: the reinstatement of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s Free Press Act, which stands for tribal citizens and tribal sovereignty.

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