College Student Chapters

The Indigenous Journalists Association encourages and supports the formation of IJA student chapters at any accredited journalism or communications program.

Please contact us with any questions and download our Student Chapter Handbook!

IJA Student Chapter By-Laws

I. Mission and Role

The Indigenous Journalists Association has nearly 500 members across the nation. These members are the backbone of our operations. What’s the importance of a IJA student chapter? Chapter development engages students and connects them with professionals, associates and supporters from academic, nonprofit and corporate sectors, empowering them to attain the highest ethical standards for reporting on Indian Country.

II. Ethics

All IJA chapters will follow journalistic ethical codes and adopt the
Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics (, and
IJA style guides that specifically address coverage of Indian Country. IJA guides may be found at under the “Resources” tab.

III. Chapter Formation

Complete the affiliate application available at and submit according to the instructions. IJA requires an online/phone interview with the potential president and advisor prior to student chapter approval. Chapter representatives must contact IJA to set up an interview once an application has been submitted. Prior to the online/phone interview, a training guide will be sent to the potential chapter.


IV. Approval and Annual Audit

IJA Board of Directors will vote to approve or deny any submitted student chapter application during the next available monthly meeting on a rolling basis.

Once a chapter earns affiliate status, it must complete and submit an annual chapter audit to the national office to maintain affiliate status. See annual audit information in Section 3 of this form. Chapters are required to submit completed audit forms to IJA by March 1 annually.

V. Faculty Advisor

The Chapter shall elect or ratify annually for a one year (renewable) period the Faculty Advisor who must be a full-time journalism professor and a IJA member at a sustaining institutional membership university. The Faculty Adviser shall be recognized as the official faculty representative in and to the Chapter, and shall act as the official link between the student Chapter and IJA. The elected Faculty Advisor shall assume office on June 1.

VI. Officers Election

In the case of a new Chapter, officers should be elected for the remainder of the academic year during the Chapter’s first meeting.

Subsequently, Chapter officers should be elected for the following academic year during a meeting before April 15 each year.

The following positions should be elected:
Vice President

VII. Meetings

The Chapter shall meet at least once during each month that school is in session at a designated location within the campus community. Meeting times and locations shall be voted on by approved by Chapter President and faculty advisor.

VIII. Removal of Officers

Any Chapter officer may be removed by a two thirds vote of the entire Chapter membership during a special meeting held for this purpose. Petition for removal must be submitted to all parties concerned at least three weeks in advance of a special convocation of the Chapter and all parties concerned shall have the opportunity to present their cases. Grounds for removal shall be intentional misconduct so as to bring discredit to IJA, dereliction of assigned duties, intentional violation of IJA Bylaws or the Chapter By-laws (see chapter by-laws outlined in handbook), and/or failure to maintain acceptable academic standards. Proceedings in such cases shall be confidential. A removed officer shall be replaced by one elected by a plurality vote of the Chapter membership.

IX. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a three quarters favorable vote of the membership of the Chapter, provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at least one meeting previous to the time of voting. Amendments to the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, however, shall become effective only upon their approval by IJA. Such amendments shall conform to the National Bylaws of IJA.

X. Dues

Timely payment of dues shall be enforced by the treasurer.
Membership dues for undergraduate and graduate students are $20 per person. Benefits of membership include:
Access to IJA’s weekly newsletter
Exclusive scholarships opportunities for Native media students
Discounted National Native Media Conference registration rate.

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