Indigenous Investigative Collective

The Indigenous Investigative Collective (IIC) is a network of Indigenous reporters and newsrooms in North America who contribute expertise and resources to investigate stories important to Indigenous communities. Working collaboratively, IIC members aim to expose wrongdoing, hold leaders accountable, and reveal information that will help communities gain a better understanding of their tribal governments’ activities and enterprises.

While IJA does not provide editorial oversight or funding for investigations, the organization hopes to provide the space, tools, training and guidance to IIC members in order to ensure the highest standards of journalism, source safety and editorial independence.

To become a member or support of the IIC, please email IIC@NAJA.COM for information about how to be considered for membership or to sponsor future newsrooms and reporters.

If you are a whistleblower in possession of data that reveals financial misconduct, disenrollment, harassment, or other unethical or illegal behavior by your tribal government or enterprise, please review security best practices here before reaching out to newsrooms listed as IIC members – your safety and security may be at risk if you are tracked or traced.

For more information, read the news release here.

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