Tribal Media Archives

Members of the Indigenous Journalists Association can archive tribal media publications at no cost through the SNRC Indigenous Media Archives at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Sequoyah National Research Center’s mission is to acquire and preserve the writings and ideas of Indigenous North Americans by collecting all forms of Indigenous expression and creating a research atmosphere that invites Indigenous peoples to make the Center an archival home for their creative work.

Housed at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, SNRC holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Canadian First Nations’ newspapers and periodicals with over 2,800 unique titles published by tribal communities and governments, Native organizations, language programs, and various groups, with an emphasis on post-World War II to the present. Microfilm rounds out the collection’s historic newspapers documenting the 19th century and first half of the 20th Century.

Services for IJA members:

  • Provide an archival home to Indigenous publications for future preservation and access by journalists, tribal members, and researchers
  • Provide professional reference assistance in locating archival newspapers
  • Provide duplicate copies or digital scans of newspapers when requested dependent on availability
  • Provide resources to research the history of Native Press, Free Press, and other issues
  • Provide resources to research historical context for journalistic reporting

To join the Indigenous Media Archive, IJA members may contact SNRC Archivist Erin Fehr at ehfehr@ualr.

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