Farm Bill Conversation Sparks Interest at NAJA Conference

By Jarrette Werk


“It means something for our young people to stay home and allows them to feed their own people” Janie Simms Hipp, Chickasaw Nation, Director of the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Photo by Jarrette Werk


“Ideally we would be selling food from boxes instead of having these food trucks shipping food into our Reservations,” said Zach Ducheneaux, Cheyenne River Sioux, Program Manager at the Intertribal Agriculture Council. “We have to rebuild our own food systems.” Photo by Jarrette Werk
“Without fair access to capital to take our food from the raw commodity into the next stage of production, we will continue to flounder,” said Ducheneaux. Photo by Jarrette Werk
“Tradition is agriculture,” said Ducheneaux, “let’s get back to that. We need to get back in touch with our own culture.” Photo by Jarrette Werk
“The Farm Bill hasn’t been covered a lot,” said Benny Polacca, Osage News reporter. “This panel sparked some interest and its beneficial to understand how food is very important to our communities.” Photo by Jarrette Werk
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