Missouri School of Journalism launches new investigative fellowship program to support authors

RJI to house new Watchdog Writers Group, which will provide stipends to authors as they work on in-depth print journalism projects.

Columbia, Mo. (July 24, 2019) — The Missouri School of Journalism is launching a groundbreaking fellowship program to support authors as they write in-depth print journalism projects, while also training future generations of investigative reporters.

The Watchdog Writers Group will provide stipends to authors as they work on a book that focuses on vitally important social issues. Additionally, Missouri School of Journalism students will work directly with the authors through graduate assistantships or as part of their coursework. In the spirit of the Missouri Method, students will get hands-on experience in the techniques, methods and ethics of investigative journalism. Students will help conduct research, interviews and other reporting for the book and related stories.

Students and fellows will also publish stories and projects in partner media outlets.

The first fellowships will begin in early 2020, making the Watchdog Writers Group a hub for producing high impact journalism in the heart of the Midwest.

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