Partial funding offered to address under-covered topics, areas

Host newsrooms sought for subsidized positions

Report for America is offering to provide 50 percent subsidized funding for newsrooms to create positions focused on addressing under-covered topics and communities.

The outlets will pay the other half of the salary and get to select an individual among the qualified candidates prescreened by the organization.

Report for America is a nonprofit organization funded by media foundations and others, that places talented, emerging journalists in local newsrooms across the country to address coverage holes so there’s no catch.

At a time of unprecedented challenges for newsrooms, Report for America is creating a new, sustainable system that provides Americans with the information they need to improve their communities, hold powerful institutions accountable, and rebuild trust in the media. Here’s hoping we can work together on that critical undertaking.

Newsrooms must convince Report for America that they have coverage gaps in their community, define a specific beat for a reporter to help address them, explain how they nurture young talent and agree that they’ll pay their share of the salary.

The goal is to place 250 reporters and the deadline for outlets to apply here is Sept. 30.

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