Google News Initiative partners with LION Publishers to advise aspiring news entrepreneurs

We’re in a unique moment in time: local news is shrinking but the interest in high-quality local news is growing. 

While journalists continue to be laid off, and many local news publishers are struggling to figure out their long-term financial sustainability, there’s increased interest in creating digital-first news publications to keep communities informed.

But, up until now, there have been very few affordable programs focused exclusively on the practical steps of launching a new venture that is tailor-made for journalism initiatives.

To tackle that problem, the Google News Initiative has partnered with LION Publishers to launch the GNI Startups Lab, an effort that will help aspiring news entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada prove there is a need and audience for their idea, build their news product and set their business on the path to sustainability.

No fees, no tuition, no income sharing arrangement. No financial barriers to your success. Just the hands-on support you need to become independent, and stay independent.

Applications for this free eight-week program are due Aug. 17. Learn more and apply here.  

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